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Mint Potato Rolls

Winter has set in and in this season we all love to eat fried snack with our cup of tea!
The consumption of fried foods in moderation and in the right manner can help you build your immunity during monsoon/winter season, where the chances of immunity drop are higher due to the lack of enough calorie intake or outdoor physical activities. Fried food is something that we all enjoy with an added guilty pleasure to it. Do we like it? Well, we love to gorge on to deep fried crispy snacks, although we hate to admit it because of the overly hyped clean eating and healthy lifestyle movements happening around us.  Nowadays, for most of us, counting calories and discussing weight loss has become second nature and avoiding oily or high-calorie food has become our natural response.But I guess, as an occasional or seasonal treat, home-fried foods have a place in our healthy diet plans. I recently made Mint Potato Rolls... They are crispy on the outside, and soft and spicy and bursting with awesome f…

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